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Best Traditional Home Use Products Online

Be in touch with your roots, culturally and traditionally. Traditional Products are organic, natural, and contain no additives or artificial elements that could potentially harm your health and the surrounding environment. North-East India has ensured and paved the way towards local industries manufacturing North East Craft.

Kauna is a naturally grown fibrous cordage material is that is also known as water reed grass. Sangai Bazaar is a platform that provides you with Handbags made from Kauna Material.

Buy Kauna Hang Bag online and store your necessities efficiently. Get rid of plastic, and start using Kauna Bags for your shopping requirements. Kauna craftsmanship is a niche market and these bags are now loved by people all over the world.

Black Pottery goes all the way back to ancient days. North East Pottery has been loved and adored by the rest of the world. It is been said that the material or clay that is used to make black pottery contains healthy elements (natural minerals) that make you and your environment healthy. Sangai Bazaar provides you with Black Pottery Decorative Products. From vases to teacups to kitchenware – Sangai Bazaar provides it all!

Home Decor or Home Products are necessary as they enhance the look and feel of your home. It creates and enhances your naturally positive vibe. Traditional Indian Furniture is praised and recognized all over the world due to its vibe and implementation of natural materials. Sangai Bazaar provides natural and organic products that satisfy the consumers’ needs.

Choose Sangai Bazaar for better products for your home. Elevate the style by using North East Craft and North East Pottery!

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