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About Sangai bazaar

Sangai is an endemic specie of the deer found only near Loktak lake in Eastern India. The deer epitomizes grace, rarity and quality. Sangai Bazaar, inspired from these qualities, is home to an exquisite collection of rare pieces of handwork, cultural designs and sustainability. Our collection consists of a variety of handmade products made out of hard work, toil and artisan’s passion, most of whom are women. Sangai Bazaar sells products of bamboo, black pottery, cane, reed (or kauna) and textiles. Our brand gives respect to skill of atisans that bring out the soul of our heritage. Quality of each of our products is a testament to our manufacturing practices. Each of the pieces displays highly skilled work that makes it durable for occasional as well as everyday use.

Sangai Bazaar is committed to the cause of green environment that is void of harmful substances, resulting in our environment-friendly products. The materials used to make our products are all natural, organic, bio degradable and 100% non-toxic.