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Black & Red Patterned Multicolor Traditional Tribal Shawl



Make your winter days more warm, traditional, and yet stylish with this traditional Manipuri shawl. Each tribe in North-East of India has their traditional shawls where the color and the pattern of design indicate the tribe to which the wearer belongs to. This is a garment of pride for each wearer and serves the tradition. Most suitable for winter to keep yourself warm. The beautiful pattern, design, and color combination of red, white, and black give a unique look. This could be a perfect gift for your near and dear ones on any occasion.

Features & Details

Colour: Black & Red, Multicolored

Length: 2.36 Meters

Breadth: 1.67 Meters

Weight: 2000 grams


  • Hand Wash/ Machine wash, Dry Clean
  • Do wash with cold water always


  • Do not directly expose to sunlight while drying
  • Do not soak in water for long
  • Do not use strong detergent
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not soak in hot water
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