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Eco-Friendly Cooking Pot with Lid



  • Do wash Longpi pottery items in the dishwasher
  • Do wash by sponge scrubber when hand washing
  • Do put a rubber nozzle on your sink tap, to prevent chipping when hand washing
  • Do put a paper tissue between when stacking items on top of each other
  • Do be careful with fine rims and handles ??? they are most vulnerable
  • DO microwave Longpi pottery items if cane or bamboo is not used. Certain items like Casseroles come with cane weaving and such items should not be used in a microwave
  • Longpi pots and pans can be used for cooking over gas stoves or firewood


  • Don’t put lots of dishes in the sink when hand washing
  • Don’t use any stainless steel or any kind of metal scrubber while washing
  • Don’t use metal spatulas or ladles. Try to stick to wooden ones with Longpi pottery items


Small : 6″ x 4″ (D x H)

Medium : 8″ x 6″ (D x H)

Large : 9.5″ x 8″ (D x H)

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