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Fak Yoga Mat with Cushions


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This beautifully hand woven eco-friendly mat (called fak in Manipur) is an ideal mat for your back, specially for yoga and exercise sessions. There is nothing more closer to nature than this when it comes to resting your body against it. The thickness and strength of this cushion lets the spine set against it when pressed, giving a natural comfort. The thickness and strength of fak/ mat is better than other mattresses, including the plastic and rubber ones as it is made from 3 layers of reed. After each session the reed comes back to its natural shape, thus retaining the thickness for long. This is made from the material called kauna (water reed) which is planted in Manipur. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% natural and biodegradable. This is the natural colour so it won’t fade or run off. It is also very easy to handle. Needless to say, this looks beautiful and cool too. CUSHIONS: When long hours of sitting at work affects your spinal position, use this natural cushion support for your back. fak with cushions can be used in the drawing room for normal sitting.

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Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a wet cloth and keep away from fire or moisture over a long time. Put under the sun from time to time.


Length :?? 72″
Breadth :?? 31″
Thickness : 2″

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