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Multi-Color Flower Pattern White Saree



Style your summer days with this beautiful cotton saree for an elegant formal or casual meet. It is a traditionally designed fabric of Meitei tribe of Manipur. This is 100 percent cotton. The floral design is very unique and carry traditional symbolism. This is also suitable for daily or casual wear and will surely add an aesthetic appeal to your look.

Features & Details

Colour: White with floral designs on it.

Length: 7.15 Meters

Breadth: 1.27 Meters

Weight: 300 grams


  • Hand Wash or Dry Clean only
  • Do wash with cold water always
  • Do put starch


  • Do not go for machine wash
  • Do not directly expose to sunlight while drying
  • Do not soak in water for long
  • Do not use strong detergent
  • Do not bleach
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