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Organic Green Patterned Woolen Bedsheet



For a comfortable warm winter, sleep replace the normal bedsheet with this 100% woolen bedsheet. It is made in the traditional loom in Manipur. The beautiful color and patterns on it make it more appealing and stylish than the regular bedsheet. The beautiful design made on the bed sheet is traditional Manipuri design which is also called wangkhei design originated at a place called Wangkhei in Manipur Valley. This beautiful bedspread/ cover is perfect for all seasons especially winter. This is soft and comfortable to use.

Package contents: 1 Bedsheet

Features & Details

Colour: Green with?? floral design on it

Length: 3.20 Meters

Breadth: 2.58 Meters

Weight: 500 grams

Bedsheet Type: Double bed


  • Hand wash and Machine wash
  • Do wash with cold water always


  • Do not directly expose to sunlight while drying
  • Do not soak in water for long
  • Do not use strong detergent
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not soak in the hot water

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